Popcorn Gift Baskets

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Choose your  size - we offer Berry Basket, Medium and Large.
All popcorn flavors are selected from out MOST POPULAR flavors.

Gift Basket Options

Large Gift Basket $42.30:
Natural wood 1/2 bushel flat bottom basket. 1 each of a large Caramel, Cheddar, Kettle, Butter, 1 White Cheddar Medium, 1 ea of Cinnamon Glazed Pecans, Almond, & Cashews. Wrapped in a cello bag & bowl 4.4 lbs

Medium Gift Basket $23.49:
Shallow Natural basket. Filled with 1 ea Medium bag of Cheddar, Caramel, & Kettle, 1 Cinnamon Glazed Nuts, & 1 Box of Jelly Belly Popcorn Jelly Beans. 2lbs

Berry Basket $15.79:
Quarter Peck natural basket. Filled with 1 Kettle Large, 1 Cinnamon Glazed Nut, & 1 Jelly Belly Popcorn. 2lbs

Teaser Pack $4.75
1 deluxe, 1 any Savory/Cheese/Kettle, 1 Candied/Caramel, Clear cello bag   1lbs

Clear Cello Bag $11.25
Kettle, Cheddar medium, Caramel, Triple Chocolate, Garlic Parmesan Teaser.  1.5 lbs


If we are out of a flavor listed here, a similar one will be substituted.

For special request flavors, please call the store before placing the order.


If you live in the Huntsville, Alabama area and would like your order delivered, please visit us on WAITRapp.com
and your order can be placed there. 

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